Friday, April 25, 2008

This is just what I have been looking for

Working with others bloggers to help each other promote their blogs and websites and any services they might offer is a great idea featured in a networking blog I discovered today. It is geared towards women but the author says men are welcome too.

It is about building links, and by doing that help each others blogs to grow. I have seen blogs that seems to have very little content and they have wanted me to link to them but I do like to link to a blog that I think is worthwhile reading. Diva Networking has information that I find interesting so I don't mind linking there, which I will do in order to build up this blog.

I am retired and on a pension, and the idea of working a little at home, to bring in a bit of extra cash is appealing. I think blogging could be the answer. Promoting other blogs and being promoted myself is a helpful program but I still like my blogs to have some good content not just a link exchange.


Suzanne James said...

Thank you for the nice review. We do work hard to 'legally' promote each other's blogs.

Feel free to join our yahoo group and take part in the fun. Well - maybe not always fun, but it doesn't take more than 4 - 5 hours a month.

Katherine Hunter said...

Thanks for reviewing our group :D