Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bearly there

One the way home from town yesterday I saw a black bear and two cubs but of course I was not fast enough with the camera to take a shot for Misty's Camera Critters .  Again this morning I was putting out my laundry to dry in the solarium when I see a cinnamon coloured bear walking onto our lot. Hubby was outside collecting moose poop for his garden and Annie the dog was lounging nearby. As soon as she got scent of the bear she gave chase, so again I was not fast enough to get my camera out, but I am glad the bear felt unwelcome around here.

I have done all I can to prevent any odours attracting the bears. I have a corner of my freezer dedicated to smelly garbage which I take out Thursday mornings for pick up. Can't put it out too early though because these local bears know when it is garbage day and so do the foxes.

I just went outside now, carefully perusing the landscape in case there are bear about, but nipped in again fast as the wind is freezing again and it is about 8C (46F). At this rate we will be using our wood stove year round.  We put insurance on hubby's pickup yesterday so he will be off getting our next supply of wood soon. Fortunately there is so much around here free for the taking that we don't pay for heat.

I am making some yogurt, my yogurt maker died so I am doing it in the oven, I think the top of the woodstove is a bit hot. I quite often use the woodstove to cook stews and pot roasts and the warmth is good for raising bread dough but I think  yogurt has to be a bit more controlled, although it irks me to have that heat available and have my oven on, maybe it is not a savings to make my own.


silverneurotic said...

You make yogurt? That's cool, I've never had homemade yogurt before-I'm stuck eating the grocery store stuff.

Dana Prince said...

Of all the things you talked about that were interesting, I also chose to ask about yogurt like the above commenter. Maybe you'll want to post about how you do it one day soon :)