Saturday, May 31, 2008

Been busy cleaning out

There is a big yard sale in the village tomorrow. Everyone participates and so I started digging out some of the stuff I had saved 'just in case' but have never used in the last five years. Out went some table clothes that are the wrong colour for the dining room anyway, lace curtains that I thought I might cut down but we have just bought some wooden looking Venetian blinds for all the windows so there is no point keeping the lace. The cream bedding set that I just replaced, and so on. We also sorted out all our glasses, also saved for a rainy day, and donated four boxes of them, keeping the best and when they break I will just get new ones, they are not expensive after all. I had to make three trips down to the village with the stuff. I plan to go to the yard sale, I expect I will bring something back to fill the empty space I have created. aveo

After doing all that my car looked a bit worse for wear so I vacuumed it out and hosed it down so it looks quite respectable now, but it won't last long out here, with the dust and pebbles etc. When we went up to Terrace to see about passports we got a ding in the windscreen and now it is a long crack, another hazard of living up here. It seems because I chose a yellow car, bugs are attracted to it and they show more than if I had gone for my husband's choice which would have been grey, but I still like the cheerful colour. Hubby tells me not to stop on the road because a hornet might come along and try to mate with it, funny sense of humour these males.

I just finished planting the last of the flowers, but I still have lots of chard and lettuce to get out. Also we thinned the strawberries and I have lots of little plants and I hate to throw them away but I can't think where to put them. I have started a lupin bed and it looks a bit bare right now and I thought I might put them in there as ground cover but the problem is that when the fruit comes the bears will be in there stomping on the lupins. Can't win.

So I am just taking a tea break before starting supper, and writing a quick post. When the days are nice it does seem criminal to be in front of the computer for too long. I expect you all are the same. So forgive me if I don't visit that much right now, I am soaking up Vitamin D while I can, something we northerners don't get enough of, so they say.


Jeni said...

While you're out taking stuff to a yard sale, Mandy and the kids and I were out at a yard sale! Came back with a winter snowsuit for Kurtis as well as a winter jacket that also has a windbreaker jacket that goes with it. Total expenditure for those items - $5.50! Not a bad deal, huh. The snow suit looked like it had barely been worn too; nice and heavy and really nice and heavy snowpants that went with it! I also got maya 3 cute little shirts and some placemats -very pretty three different sets, all Christmasy sets. My total expenditure at that sale -$7.00! I'm happy! So we went from there down to the truckstop/restaurant where I used to work and splurged on supper there.
Loved you picture below here in the anti-bug hat! That's exactly what Mandy and I both need here.

Zoey said...

Oh, yard sales are great! God luck with your sales - and perhaps buys to... :D

Cicero Sings said...

It's cloudy this morning so I'm catching up on the computer! I should clean out a few things from my cupboards too. I don't like having a garage sale myself so the way you did it sounds great. Let someone else deal with the ju...errr, treasures!

I need a bug hat too!

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Amy said...

Yes, get all the vitamin D you can :) Love the joke about your yellow car and the hornet!