Thursday, May 22, 2008

Been gone all day

We drove up to Terrace to the passport office today. It took about 4 hours to get there but we were quite quickly in and out of the office which was good. Then we went to Walmart and spent a fortune. We needed something for the windows as the drapes we have were losing their shape and not handling the frequent washings I have to give them because of the build up of wood smoke. I opted for venetians and a frilly on top this time.

Hubby bought a fishing rod to catch halibut. He hopes to go out in a few weeks in Prince Rupert. He also picked up a couple of pairs of shoes. He has size 13 feet and we have a problem finding him anything up here so we have to get them when we can find them. We also bought a cooler for the car, one that plugs in the dash. Then there was a few of this and some of that and before you know it with the trip, the passports and all we had blown almost $1000.00. Oh well I can't take it with me.

So we did not get home until about 8:30 this evening. Someone was looking after Annie the dog as we thought it would be too gruelling a day for her as most of it was in the car. When we drive down to Mexico we plan to take several days and frequent stops, as the drive is part of the vacation and she will enjoy that.

So it is bedtime I will catch up with everyone tomorrow, if I can, I have company tomorrow evening so I have some stuff to do around here.


Jeni said...

Seems the shopping bug must be kind of contagious as Mandy and I are planning a trip to Wal-Mart this morning after a doctor's appointment for Kurtis first. Saves a little on gas to combine the two into one trip plus, we haven't been to Walmart for a big shopping visit in quite a while so time to restock the shelves before the prices skyrocket anymore than they already have!

Brenda said...

Make sure you bring lots of shoes to Mexico for your hubby as that size is almost impossible to find here. Roy has size 12's and we have a terrible time finding him shoes. Size 13's are just not available here at all.