Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Coffee ritual

Every morning over our first coffee we watch the news and the weather report for British Columbia and always Whistler Village is mentioned. It didn't used to be mentioned but now it has become so popular with skiers and the fact that it is the Winter Olympic site in 2010 that it warrants its own weather report. I am not a skier myself but I would like to stay at the Limoge Inn Chalet, it has an old world look and is very appealing.

Actually it is hard to decide which would be the best type of place to stay to get the feel of Whistler which is a rather unique village dedicated to winter sports. It is only about a two hour drive to Vancouver and the ocean, China Town, Stanley Park and all sorts of activities. There is a new highway being built that will make the trip a breeze. The whole of British Columbia is looking forward to the Olympic Games and accommodation is going to be in high demand. People from all over the world will be visiting, even a couple from our little village are going as volunteers. The closest I will be getting to the Winter Olympic Games is my television set unfortunately.

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silverneurotic said...

The local news I usually watch always gives the weather to the major cities-then they feature a town with a unique name. I love hearing some of those names.