Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eating more beans and grains now

Currently I am trying to learn all I can about Glycemic Load so I can drop a few more pounds and keep my doctor happy. I have just bought two new books. One about bean cookery and the other about whole grains. I have been trying to incorporate more beans into our diet not only from a health standpoint but from an economic one. My husband has been a valiant guinea pig and has eaten everything I have put in front of him. Last night we had soybean burgers which weren't at all bad but he had several long winded comments to make later about them.

I first became interested in nutrition in 1982 when we were living in Edmonton, Alberta. We had moved there from Fort. St. John so my husband could attend a Bible School for three years. We made many friends there and one young man visited us one day to explain that he had helped put himself through school as a Herbalife Distributor and maybe it was something we might be interested in too.

I had never heard of Herballife before and we were both interested in what he had to say. He gave a very informative presentation and although I did not want to get involved myself as I had three small children at home and also was doing day care for two babies and two after school girls so I felt I did not have the time plus I was too tired. As I learned more about nutrition I realized I should start applying these principles in our family. I had been raised on white bread with lots of butter and sugar liberally sprinkled between and toasted. I hadn't a clue, I though food was just to take hunger away I did not realize it was fuel.

My husband decided he would get involved with Herbalife . He worked evenings as a waiter in the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown and he had a lot more contacts than I. He did very well and it helped with the finances during that time and our health and my energy level was improved also. I am still interested in nutrition and read a lot of literature on the subject. We are not having beans tonight, moose stew is on the menu.


Aud said...

I got to your blog thru' Blog Catalog. It's good you are being more health conscious with your diet now. I try to as well, with less oil and frying. I also read somewhere you planning to start a meme? I just started one myself called Love Q and I think it can be pretty fun. Feel free to join in if you are interested. Hope you will start your own meme too. :)

Sue said...

This is the first time I've heard of herbalife. I too am on a search for improved health :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

The Insane Writer said...

I need to start doing something with the way I eat. I've noticed I really have no energy.