Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to Become A Freelance Writer

Once in a while I toy with the idea of doing some serious writing. I have had one tiny piece published last year and when I was in college it was suggested I would make a good journalist. Until I started blogging I had never written anything much at all but the thought is there. Here is a site on how the writer became a freelance writer maybe those would be writers that read this might find it interesting.

Every so often someone posts a question on one of the writing forums, and even occasionally in a comment on a blog. There is plenty of good advice on becoming a freelance writer, especially at this site and here so I am hesitant about adding my two cents, however, as both of the writers of the sites linked to here take a different approach to answering this question, then perhaps a third ‘how to’ might appeal to different readers. What you will get in answer to this question is not simply best practice but how I more or less fell into becoming a freelance writer.
How to Become A Freelance Writer | SQUIDINC WRITING AND RESEARCH


Amy said...

I've wondered about this myself - thanks for sharing the link!

Suzanne James said...

I've been to sue's site. It is a good one. is also a good one. I use both.

suewrite said...

Just to say thanks for the promotion Vic, glad you liked what you found - and it's true many of us do fall into freelance writing