Friday, May 02, 2008

I have been thinking of running a Meme

I know of a few memes that I like Heads or Tails run by Skittles, Camera Critters by Misty and Sunday Scribblings which I joined a couple of weeks ago as well as Photohunt. I have been wondering how complicated is it to run one.

I have been thinking of it for quite some time and have been throwing ideas around in my head as to what would be a good one.

The latest idea is this:

I wondered about a Prayer Meme. If each week a different subject came up and all those who would like posted their prayer regarding that subject. It would not matter what spiritual discipline you are. Even if you did not believe in spiritual things you could agree and add your wish that it be so. Would this work, I believe the more prayer that is made the better. I thought I might call it "Cast your net meme".

Is this a good idea or not. Would it work and how difficult would it be to manage.

I would like your opinion whether it is positive or negative.

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