Saturday, May 10, 2008

It feels good to be out of the hole

When I was newly separated, and my husband left the country permanently and returned to Europe, leaving me with all the debts and no monthly support for the three boys it was not long before the creditors were knocking at the door and phoning several times a day. I was at my wits end and I turned to the Canadian equivalent of Credit Repair Services who helped me refinance my mortgage and got it to a manageable amount and this allowed me to take the first steps in credit repair.

It wasn't really my fault that I had inherited the credit problems. The house and credit cards were in my name because I was the one working, he never seemed able to hold a job. Since he was home a lot he also had time to charge everything, even toothpaste, and then left, or rather I finally booted him out. He even had his car fixed on my card and then sold the car but did not give me the money. Stupidity was my fault, I should have seen the problem but he was supposedly looking after the bills which I later found stashed unopened under the couch cushions.

So I felt I could never get out of the hole I had been left in. Needing bad credit repair so I could take the next steps in moving on with our lives and getting another car so I could get to work. I did get the help I needed and the calls stopped and I was able to get a leg up and out of that hole. My credit now is excellent and I make sure I pay off the balance on my credit cards every month. I look after all the bills and keep my new husband abreast of what money we have. It has given me a sense of security knowing that I came through that and now I am on top.


imac said...

Love the photo and pleased that you now have your credit and life back on track, \it must have felt that you would never get out of the hole you were in.

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babooshka said...

Cheeky. Alaway amazes me what you get on the bird table