Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just one of my career ventures

When I was twenty-five, and lived in Vancouver, I joined a company newly arrived in Vancouver called Figure Magic. They were a health spa chain that was extending right across Canada and into the USA. There was quite a bit of training involved. Initially we had to learn all the exercise routines and I remember that I was extremely sore for quite some time, and also  diet and nutrition information. Next we had to take sales training so that we could give a professional presentation.

After a while I was promoted to be an instructor myself and was sent down to Springfield, Illinois, where it was my job to recruit staff  and supervise their physical, nutritional and sales training, and out of that group choose a Manager and Assistant Manager and move on to a different location. I opened salons in Aurora, Champagne, Decatur, and Quincy.

After seeing to the openings of these salons I became District Manager for the State of Illinois. Unfortunately I did such a good job and because I had trained enough people to replace me  I was refused a continued visa in the States so I returned to Canada and continued working for the same company, working in West Vancouver again in sales training.

It is a funny thing that although I was a good instructor and had a great team of sales people I never cared to make any actual sales myself, preferring the teaching role.

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Carver said...

I have a good friend who used to be a dance teacher (ballet, jazz and tap) and when she and her husband moved away from where the dance studio she had taught at for many years was, she ended up working for a health spa. She started as an instructor and then was a district manager which involved a lot of traveling but was sort of like you in that she much preferred teaching to sales. Eventually she ended being a personal trainer which she likes a lot and it's not high pressure with all the travel she had when she was a spa district manager.