Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mexifying the solarium

Up here in the north we wait with great anticipation for planting day when the threat of frost is finally past, or we hope so. This  weekend is traditionally the planting time in the north and when I have gone to town recently, like lots of others I have haunted the garden supply stores. Our summer is so short that we go overboard probably with outdoor planters, and put them in every available spot. I particularly like to have  window box planters and love to grow petunias in them. Petunias seem to do quite well here and they give such a lovely splash of colour and last quite a long time. Last year just before the first frost I dug up a few and put them in one planter and brought them into the solarium and had petunias bloom all through November. 

We want to grow a grape in our solarium, just for fun although if we get enough grapes hubby will make wine with them. So I have been on the lookout for the perfect indoor planter. One that in winter we can insulate easily, because we do not heat the solarium and at -30C the grape will not survive in a planter unless it is insulated. Actually there are several grapes types, Beta is one, that will survive up here at that temperature but they have to planted outside as the ground does not get as cold below the surface.

Hubby bought some tomatoes the other day to grow in the solarium, they are quite large already and love the warmth in there so we have to look for new planters so we can transplant them pretty soon or they will get root bound. Also all the peppers he grew from seed, he has 13 of them. What with the grape, peppers and tomatoes growing in there all I need is a few tacos and salsa and I can imagine I am in Mexico already.

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Karen & Mike said...

Last year we had frost right up to the first week of June...I'm going to plant the garden next weekend and hope for the best.

Will you be going to Mexico early or late winter?