Sunday, May 11, 2008

Move over peppers and tomatoes. I want to sit in here

We drove out of the village today to do some shopping and we called in at a home and garden store because we wanted some tomato plants, to add to the thirteen pepper plants already growing in the solarium. Also I have been looking for suitable furniture for the solarium, of course with all hubby's peppers and tomatoes there isn't going to be any room for furniture plus the drying laundry, I will probably end up sitting on the steps.

We had a lamp post in there that neither of us liked much and we are going to donate it to some worthy cause. There is nothing wrong with it but it has one of those upside down shades and collects flies so we wanted to change it. As we looked at some lamps we realized with our long summer evenings we probably don't need it, even now at 10pm it is reasonably light and in another month it will be light most of the night.

I have been looking for ideas for something between garden furniture and indoor furniture for the solarium and in the course of poking around the Internet I found a neat idea, a zen rock garden, I thought it was really cool. You don't have to grow a thing just arrange it. Of course in spring when the snow goes there are lots of little hard rocks left behind by Annie the dog that I can arrange to my heart's desire. LOL

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