Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Aussie holiday

A couple of years after the Sydney Opera House had opened I visited Australia. I was working for Canadian Pacific Airlines, now gone out o158834f business, and was able to get all my flights free so this was a wonderful opportunity plus since I worked in reservations it was easy to get rooms for next to nothing in hotels, so we got to stay in some first class places.

I had always wanted to visit Australia. My friend and I stayed in Sydney a few nights at the Hilton which was conveniently located near all the sites we wanted to take in. The harbour bridge, the zoo and of course the Opera House. This morning I looked for a picture of myself standing on the steps of the Opera House but couldn't find it.

Later we  made our way up the coast, via bus, seeing kangaroos on the way which was neat. We decided to visit Cairns for a few days and stayed at the All Seasons hotel. It was March and the tail end of monsoon season.  We saw a lot of huge tcomfortoads on the road that had hopped out of the cane fields along with the biggest mosquitos I have ever seen.

I then talked a local airline into free tickets and we flew across to Perth and met a really nice Aussie couple who we hung out with for quite a bit. While there we stayed at the Comfort Inn . I remember walking along the beach eating fish and chips. I found Perth to be a very friendly place.

In fact I liked Australia so much I thought of apply for immigration status there, but never got around to it. The night before we left we stayed at the Sydney Hyatt which was very relaxing as it was a long trip back to Canada and we needed a good rest.


silverneurotic said...

One day I'm going to make it out there.

Carver said...

Hi Vic, I just saw your post about how you were going to be blogging here so I thought I'd drop by. I also find blogger easy to use but have noticed that issue of how when people have more than one blog it can be confusing as to which one to go to. I recently started a wordless photoblog in addition to my regular chatty one and I thought about that but hopefully with just two it won't be too confusing.

This comment doesn't make much sense here since the comment relates to your wordpress post which I read in bloglines but followed your link here so I could save this one. Ah it's all so confusing in the world of blog, ha.