Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - Family

I am an only child, my mother died when I was very young and although my father remarried there were no siblings. My mother had one sister who we did not see very often and we eventually lost touch with my mother's side of the family as both her parents were dead too.

My father had four brothers and two sisters but I only knew two of them well. The sister I was named for died when she was four from eating poisonous berries, and his eldest sister took me in after my mother died and my father was working abroad until I went to boarding school. The other brothers all were active in World War II and fortunately all returned, one was a conscientious objector and did not want to have to kill, so chose to be in the Red Cross during the war, he probably saw more action than anyone. He was in the thick of every encounter and just as much a target as those with guns.

Since I was sent to boarding school and spent my vacations abroad in the Middle East with my Father and Step-Mother I completely lost touch with my family and my father was not one to keep up relationships so when I came to Canada to live we lost touch completely. I am not sure what their names are or where they live.

I have three boys of my own, two unmarried and one married with two sons. So we have our family here in Canada and that is good enough for me.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My mother has pretty much lost all contact with her family. For awhile we stayed in touch with her sister, but we finally gave up due to certain circumstances.

My dad has a huge family-whom, for the most part are very close. It's really nice getting together with everyone, though, it gets really crowded.

Granny Smith said...

I have not kept in close touch with my father's family since my nearby cousin died. She was the keeper of relationships and addresses. But our own family more than makes up for it, our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren plus spouses can fill a small hotel!