Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is where I will be staying for a month next winter


When I went down to the library the other day to hand over the keys and officially stop being treasurer I stayed and chatted to our local librarian and she suggested I contact a couple in town who have been going to Mexico for the last twenty years.

On Tuesday we drove to town to get the truck insured  and as we came back into the village I saw a couple in their yard at the address I thought the librarian said these people lived.

So I called over asking if they were them, and yes they were. After introducing ourselves we said we had almost given up on our trip to Mexico and they suggested trying San Carlos. I got onto several reservations sites but couldn't find anything until I came across a villa which was a bit costly but at this point we were willing to pay it, but I was informed that the time we wanted to go was booked. However the man who owns the villa suggested we contact a friend of his in San Carlos, who might have his place free. It was at a much lower rent per month and is close to the water and just fine for us and  we can take Annie the dog with us. So we are going to drive down, we both like a driving vacation and San Carlos is not that far from Phoenix, Arizona, and is across from the Baja Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.

We will get out of the north fairly fast and when we get to California just drive at an easy pace taking in some sites on the way. We are going to be looking in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico for a possible place to buy so we have a permanent winter home. We do not need fancy villas, we live in a modular home up here in the north so that will be fine for us down there or something else small. So we will take two weeks to drive there and back and a month in Mexico that should help chase away the winter blues.

I am so relieved that we can get away next year. It has been so much easier though just looking for a place for hubby and myself rather than considering the third person. Now we have a place for ourselves we probably will suggest that S. look too and he can fly down and have his own place. Since he is not bothered how much he spends he can get the luxury condo that sleeps 8 for himself and we will have our tiny one bedroom house to ourselves. Now did that sound a little catty. For those of you who don't know S. and I had a little spat about trying to stay in budget so we decided not to go down as a threesome.

Now the next thing is deciding how I am going to keep in touch with the kids, how to blog etc. I don't know which is best a mobile internet device, a mobile phone or a laptop which is probably more expensive. One is tempted at times to wish that money did grow on trees rather than having to fit everything to a pension but then I am so grateful to live in Canada and have all the benefits we have. Plus right now my heart goes out to those in Burma and China who have lost everything.


Tammy said...

The picture looks beautiful!

Tammy said...

Is there something wrong with your other blog? It's not coming up.

Brenda said...

The first winter we were down here, (for 6 months) we communicated through the blog with our families. If they wanted to know what we were up to they could read the blog, along with emails.
We did not have a cell phone, it seems the rates for international calling are pretty high per minute.
Now that we live here, in Guaymas right beside San Carlos, we use Yahoo phone out. You pre-pay with a credit card and then use your computer mike/speakers or headset and then you can phone to landlines or computers through your computer. It is the same idea as Skype but cheaper, 1 Cent a minute. If you set it up in Canada before you leave and take a headset with mike and speakers on it, you might be able to use it from internet cafes in San Carlos if you won't have a laptop of your own. You can sign in from any computer. Just google "Yahoo phone out" and it should come up. It is a good solution for us and might work for you, without you having to buy a laptop.
If you would like to get together for a coffee while you are in San Carlos just shoot me an email, my email is on my blog.

Brenda said...

Forgot to mention that we used internet cafes the first winter we were here to blog and email. There are many internet cafes down here.