Saturday, May 03, 2008

Travelling perks working for the airlines

When I was in my late twenties I worked for Canadian Pacific Airlines as a reservations agent. One of the perks was to travel free anywhere in the world. All the reservation agents would work back to backs, shift change with each other until we had a block of time and then book our flights. This way I got to see a large part of the world. Of course this was a great way to get back to London and see the family. One time a took I took a trip to  Barcelona, Spain and went on to Rome. Most res. agents travelled in teams and the only downside was waiting for space on a flight. Sometimes they were completely booked and you would be stuck in an airport, but what can you expect for nothing. Another benefit was booking hotels. Every agent had their ID card and one would go to a hotel and flash it and invariably we would get a very decent rate from the hotel clerk as they knew that at times we would be asked to book people in who where flying to their city. Later in my life when I was working as a hotel receptionist I was on the receiving end of the little ID cards.

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