Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update and a new nutrition tool

I met with our local nurse today and she talked to me a bit about my new diagnosis of diabetes. She said my careful eating and exercising had delayed the inevitable. Apparently the fact that when I had my first child and suffered pre-eclampsia it was an indicator that I was probably going to get diabetes later in life. So it has not been a waste of time watching everything that went into my mouth (as I felt when I was diagnosed) it has actually delayed the onset of this by about 20 years, so I must be thankful for that.

She also told me that because I already live on a low carbohydrate diet and exercise regularly I probably will have to go on medication to control it, as diet and exercise is not going to work any more than it has up to now. She also told me to be prepared for inevitable heart disease but not to get distressed as it is completely manageable. What I have was in my genetic makeup just as much as my fine hair and grey eyes. Nothing I could have done about it. In a way I feel better because I was feeling that I had let myself down somehow and if I had tried harder maybe it wouldn't have happened.

Anyway, apart from that, I have found a useful tool that others might like. It is called CRON-O-Meter a free, open source dieting software. You can check your carbohydrate count on it too although they don't say so in the write up.

CR (Calorie Reduced) diets require a lot of information to perform optimally. In order to restrict caloric intake, but remain healthy, users of the diet must track their vitamin, mineral, and protein intakes with great care.

We aim to provide a complete solution to the CR dieter. Current open-source diet-tracking applications fall short in some vital respects. Either they are not detailed enough, or they suffer from critical usability flaws. We believe that a diet tracker must be effortless to operate for the activity for which it will be used most of the time, keeping track of the foods eaten in a particular meal.

To this end, we are developing CRON-O-Meter, an application that will take into account good usability design and dense functionality. It will provide diet advice, track consumption and exercise, and generally assist in all aspects of a CR diet.

It has a slight learning curve but play with it and you can figure it out.

I wonder if there are others among my readers who are type 2 Diabetic and if so can we get together as a support group. I have lots to learn. Firstly will be learning how to take my blood glucose readings, I will get the monitor on Monday. I don't know how I feel about having to stick a needle into myself several times a day but I will have to overcome that. 

Staying positive and thankful are probably the most important components I have to work on. Currently every time I start to stress about the diabetes or get depressed I am trying to remember to pray for a young family in our church instead. They have a six month old baby who is desperately ill and has grand mal seizures several times a day, the poor young mother is worn out with worry and fatigue. This little life is just starting and mine is just winding down, hopefully not in the immediate future, but it helps to get a perspective on things.


Jeni said...

Here's hoping the new tools you will be using to monitor your intake will enable you to adjust to the diabetes. I think you have more than enough in the way of perseverance to work through this latest little "snag" in your life and turn it into the most positive outcome possible. Definitely is good proof to the value of exercise and watching your intake all along though, isn't it?

jmb said...

Good luck with this Vic Grace. I need to be calorie reduced too but not for diabetes, well not yet, just extra poundage.

Are you insulin dependent or only on oral hypoglycemics? I'm sure you will take it all in your stride and I hope you will get good education for handling it. Luckily we do have the internet as long as the sources are reliable.