Friday, June 27, 2008

Gmail tips

Some really excellent tips for Gmail from Google Tutor by Abhijeet Mukherjee

Do you know that if you’ve got an email address as, you automatically get another email address which is ? They both will send mail directly to your inbox at gmail.

What is the advantage of having two email addresses in the same Gmail account. You could use the filter capability to send the mail to different folders to avoid inbox clutter and to be read later.

But there is more, you get unlimited email accounts also.

It is not just the googlemail address which you get. Your email address is same as, For example you can have your gmail but then you have decided to subscribe to an online magazine or group so you could make your address with them and then set up a filter for anything coming in with that address to be highlighted or go directly to a folder to avoid your inbox being overwhelmed. Depends of course how much mail you get.

I have subscribed to a few things lately and my inbox is getting a little cluttered so I think I will used this from now on.


Anna said...

I did not know that. I have email accounts all over the place, but if I could start giving out different emails for different things but having everything go one place, that could be nice. I just need to set up some filters.

Jeni said...

Veddy interesting! I may just have to look into that!

Karen & Mike said...

Happy Canada Day, Vic!

Czar said...

Really? Is that so? I have been a Google Mail e-mail account holder for two years now. Yet, I haven't known that fact. Thanks for the info!

Do you have any other Google Mail trivias to share? Please tell me. I would love to hear them all.