Monday, June 09, 2008

Heads or Tails - Flower

Provincial Flower ofdogwood British Columbia

The Pacific dogwood (Cornus nauttallii) was adopted in 1956 as British Columbia's floral emblem. The Pacific dogwood is a tree that grows six to eight meters high and flowers in April and May. In the autumn it is conspicuous for its cluster of bright red berries and brilliant foliage.

In general, our native dogwoods have four-season appeal. With spring come flowers, sometimes showy, sometimes fragrant. Summer brings berries that contrast nicely with the leaves. Autumn leaves are eye-catching, with shades of red and orange and, for some species, a late show of bright berries. For one species, at least, snowy winter affords a stunning contrast of bright red branches against the white snow.

The origin of the name dogwood is anyone's guess, but two likely theories have been proposed. The first refers to a European species of dogwood (Cornus sanguinea) that was used for making skewers, or daggers, and would have been referred to as dag, dague, or dagge (dagger) in old English. The second theory is based on the reported use of the same species for washing mangy dogs. As for Cornus, it is Latin for “horn” and likely refers to the hardness of the wood.


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Skittles said...

Dogwood trees are so very pretty :)

Jean at Penny Lane said...

What a lovely post. I like dogwoods too!

I hope you are feeling better!

milet said...

very informative.

you can view my flowers here!

Nishadha said...

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Mercedes said...

I love this history behind the dogwood! I have a few in my yard-but as the name says...I believe my dog killed them-lol. Bless him and the dogwoods. I love your doggy too-precious! The Wildwood Flower is at my place!

Happy HoTs!

Rambler said...

oh didnt know about this flower at all..thanks for sharing

maggies mind said...

Oh my gosh, I think that really is the kind of flower I took a picture of and posted in my "Weekly Winners" pictures this past Sunday but wasn't sure of the name. Someone thought maybe dogwood, and now I know.

I do know that I *love* these flowers. Great pick!

storyteller said...

I think I’ve seen Dogwood when I’ve traveled, but it’s not commonly seen here in Southern California.
I participated at Small Reflections this morning and just returned home from my Photoshop class (and running errands) … so I’m visiting at last.
Hugs and blessings,

Inspiration Alley said...

Learned a lot from this post, knew nothing about Dogwoods before.