Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How they have changed, I hope it will not be a shock

boymural A very amateurish rendering of the boys over the years but you get the idea.

They are all off to see their Grandmother in Jersey in the Channel Islands which is just off England this Saturday. Steve the eldest at the top is a father of two sons. He is the graphic artist and cartoonist cum self published comic book creator living in Vancouver, BC.

David is in the middle, he would like to get married but has been unlucky in love twice so a bit gun shy. He is a drummer and may go professional soon as he has opportunities to back up several groups when they record. He also is the business man of the family and works in insurance plus runs an online marketing business of his own.

Jesse the youngest is a soft as they come but looks like a biker. He is the biggest of the three and they are all about 6ft. Jesse has his hair almost to his waist in a ponytail, but no tattoos, thank goodness. He was going into robotics but the cost of education put him off and he felt there were a lot of folk coming out of the universities with technical degrees so he has been working in various construction jobs and just going from day to day, but he does quite a bit of 3D stuff on the computer, he is very much a loner. I hope he gets some direction soon as to a career although construction is not a bad line to be in these days.

Dave and Jess share an apartment in Calgary. If you ever watched the Odd Couple show on TV you will get the idea, except it is a bit reversed. David looks like he would be the neatnik, not so, Jesse is the one who is always complaining what a slob his brother is, maybe David needs to smarten up before he will meet Miss Right.

It is funny to go out with Jess, his brothers think it is hilarious that he has this charisma. Girls stop and stare when he walks by, but he has no interest. He told me when he is ready to get married he will start to date until then he is not interested in playing games. If he wanted to he could have a date every night of the week.

They leave on Saturday for two weeks. Their Grandmother, their Father's mother will be 85 and it is a surprise for her that they are coming. She has not seen them for 15 years I hope the shock will not be too much.

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Jeni said...

What grandmother in the world wouldn't be happy beyond belief to have three such handsome young men show up to wish her Happy Birthday! Just hope they have a very safe trip over and back!

Cicero Sings said...

Loved your lo-down on the boys! I hope they will have fun sporting their granny around on her B/Day! What a special present.