Thursday, June 12, 2008

Powerless and empowered

We have been without power and water for a couple of days. There was a couple of loud explosions in the village Tuesday afternoon and everything shut down. Apparently a dump truck had somehow managed to touch an overhead power cable and that was that. At the same time the water system in the village developed a leak and the maintenance have been trying to trace it.

Now we are all back on line and there are dishes piled up and the place is a mess. How we rely on these things, when so many in the world don't have easy access to water and no electricity. We have much to be thankful for.

So since I could not do much I have been gadding about in the car, not that there is much to look at and I missed three would be photographs by being too slow. A young moose, a mule deer and a bear. Except this morning I had ran out of gas so was stuck here until the power came on. Fortunately I did not have to cook another meal on the wood stove. Our moose stew slow cooked nicely on there yesterday but my eggs this morning seemed to take ages, plus it was hot having it going when yesterday was a scorcher although today we had a lot of rain and it cooled down.musclewoman

Apart from the above I have been sick with an infection, plus several appointments with diabetes counsellors, nutritionists and doctors. I am happy to report that I have no kidney disease, and in fact the blood work I had where they test to see how much sugar is attached to your blood cells came out better, they told me, than most non-diabetic people AlC 5.3 to anyone that understands these things. I am still a diabetic and I can't change that but because I have always lived a low carb lifestyle it is very controlled. They told me to carry on doing what I have been doing since it is working, so I feel empowered rather than depressed that I lost the battle. My father had diabetes in later life and that set me up for it, unfortunately I have passed that gene on to my kids and to my grandsons but now I have to educate them to be vigilant also.

So now I have to head over to my Reader and catch up with you all.


Jeni said...

Boy, you've been sick too, huh? Why is it bad things do seem to happen to such good people as you and I both are. We are, aren't we? Say that just a tad tongue in cheek though, will ya? I'm feeling mucho better from my go-round the beginning of this week. Matter of fact, Mandy noticed it Tuesday night and commented to me about it too. I asked how she knew and she said she could see it in my face and eyes. Not pinched together as apparently they had been -although I wasn't aware of that aspect. But it also seems that this "curing" time has at least partially eradicated some other issues too -like feeling totally lethargic for a long time now, being more than a bit on the braindead side, unable to think of things to write about, unable to even consider writing if I did think of things some days. Today -my head has been swimming with all kinds of topics. Now, lets hope with sleep tonight I don't wake up and find I've slept those ideas away and can't remember what they were!
Peace, my friend and keep feeling better! Nothing like it ya know!

jmb said...

I hope you are feeling better Vic Grace. I'm glad your power and water is sorted out, that's all you needed.
Take care of yourself.

Bong (JB) said...


Glads to hear everything's back to normal.

A very busy time for us too. It's Environment Month (June) here.

Well, a little girl's father PMed me to help spread the word about her little girl who needs help. Thought you might want to take a look.

Tammy said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! :o)

Amy said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick, plus dealing with no power or water and all those appointments! I hope life is calming down for you now.

I've got diabetes on both sides of my family, and during my last pregnancy my blood sugar was just over the line in the "pre-gestational diabetes" range. So, I've been warned. My children's food allergies have been a strange blessing in disguise - our family eats very few processed foods.

The Insane Writer said...

Diabetes is a big risk in my family too. I try to watch what I eat and I rarely eat sweets. Sorry to hear about your power. We've had power problems here several times in the past three weeks, but nothing as major as yours. We've been having some flooding though.

The Insane Writer said...

BTW, the moose stew sounds yummy. Something I have never tried!