Friday, June 20, 2008

Some dumb ass cowboy ....

We have a rogue bear careening about the outskirts of the village. We have enough of a bear problem here as it is without some dumb ass cowboy playing cowboy and Indians.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that there had been a large male black bear on the property and hubby and Annie the dog scared it off. Apparently it has been doing quite a bit of damage in the village. So someone with a hunting bow shot it in the shoulder so now it is hurting and mad. It will have to be killed now as it will either die of poisoning or starvation. Usually the village put out bear traps and the animals are relocated but this particular person took matters into his own hands and now we have a problem. Shooting inside the village is against the law and there was absolutely no need to do this. I don't know who it was but I would be rounding up all those with hunting bows and putting the thumbscrews to them. Since the entire village consists of 350 people or less it would only be a handful of people.

They have created a potentially very dangerous situation. This bear, a wily old one, knows enough not to go near traps and will be very difficult to catch. In the meantime we cannot leave windows open that a bear could get through, and have to be very careful if outside because if it is unable to hunt it will be looking for food and very aggressive. I snuck out to water my plants with bear banger in hand but I am not sure it would stop an angry, hurting, starving bear so I was only out very briefly.

I keep my garbage in the deep freeze until pick up morning and then it goes out just before the truck comes. It is not unusual to see garbage cans being hauled off by bears or rolled around at least if you put them out too early. I have no seed out and have removed the humming bird feeders. The dogs in the village are barking a lot at night so I expect it is around looking for something to eat.

To top off my bear saga we have a black bear sow and cub living about 1/4 mile down the road so I don't want to run into her and we were warned there is a sow grizzly and cubs in the vicinity. My husband says it is safer here than the city but I am not so sure, a few panhandlers and drunks don't sound so bad.


janeywan said...

I have to agree with your hubby on this one. You'd hate city life.

Jeni said...

True enough I think -to echo Janeywan's thoughts here. But still, some roving bears are nothing to play around with either, are they? Hope they find the bear soon though -before some one actually gets injured or worse by him.