Thursday, July 17, 2008

7 Google Docs Templates Which You’d Love

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Google Docs has announced the inclusion of various pre-designed templates for spreadsheets, documents and presentations. It's certainly a great addition and Google Docs has now become more useful than ever.

Now when you want to create a resume, monthly budget planner or a photo album in Google Docs, you don't need to sit and start from scratch. You can just choose from the 300+ templates available and create the document right away. While I was browsing through the templates store, I found some really nice and useful templates, which I'm sure you'll find useful too.

1. Personal Monthly Budget

Personal Monthly Budget is a template which helps you monitor your monthly budget. It has various fields where you can enter your expenses and compare them with your income and hence plan your expenditure accordingly.

Docs Template 1

2. Video Christmas Card

Video Christmas Card is a cool christmas card template which has a place to put a nice video. You can choose any video and place it directly in the template.

Docs Template 2

3. Home Expense Calculator

Home Expense Calculator lets you easily calculate and check your home expenses.

Docs Template 3

4. Event/Wedding Guest List

Event/Wedding Guest List is one of the hottest templates right now. Although it's a simple one which lets you make a list of your guests in a wedding or an event, it's being used by many Google docs users everyday.

Docs Template 4

5. Birthday Reminder Page

Birthday Reminder Page is another extremely useful template which can be printed out and pasted somewhere on a wall, to keep track of birthdays of your family and friends.

Docs Template 5

6. Comprehensive Travel Itinerary

Comprehensive Travel Itinerary lets you keep a record of your travel requirements and hence makes sure you don't forget things before going on a trip.

Docs Template 6

7. Scrapbook Album

And the last in my list but least by no means, Scrapbook Album is a cool template which lets you create a a scrapbook which includes your favorite photos.

Docs Template 7

If you are a Google Docs user I'm sure you'll like these templates and they'll make you more productive while working on different documents.

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Anna said...

These are really neat. I use Google Docs for several things, but hadn't explored any templates.