Sunday, July 13, 2008

All pooped out

We went for firewood today. We were looking for standing dead wood and went quite a ways into the bush for it. Hubby felled three trees. We hooked each one up with a winch and hubby guided them out while I drove the truck to haul them out of the bush.Then he cut them up and I carted the smaller pieces to the truck and he carried the heavy ones until it was fully loaded.

I am pooped. In fact both of us were. We came home and collapsed and each had a long nap. On the upside it is free heat and we get our exercise. We figure we need seven cords of wood a winter and we got about 3/4 of a cord today. Fortunately we have some left over from last winter but it means more trips before the snow falls.

Annie the dog got filthy, she was mud colored on the her legs and had found something pink to roll in so she had strawberry fur on top, fortunately it did not smell bad. We found a large puddle and she had a bath before we would let her inside the truck.

We were fortunate because we did not have any rain but when we got back to the village we found out they had had a terrific rain storm here. Our forests have had quite a bit of rain this summer, that is why we are having an excess of flies and mosquitoes but at least we haven't had any forest fire threats. I guess you can't have it all ways.


Jeni said...

Boy, that's a whole lot of work, for sure! And now, you only have what, six more cords to go? Don't go over exerting now though and wind up with either of you having a heart attack or pulled muscles or some such!

Karen & Mike said...

I've been hauling firewood this's one of my favorite chores. It's satisfying seeing the woodshed fill up.

Karen & Mike said...
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Karen & Mike said...

That was just me posting the same comment twice!