Monday, July 07, 2008

Been busy doing nothing much

I know I haven't blogged much lately but I felt I needed to do some research on Diabetes 2 and learn how to adjust some of the ways I do things. So that has taken quite a bit of time and effort. On the whole I am doing well and my doctor's are very pleased with me.

I have been trying, in vain, to move from 150 to 149 lbs but it just won't shift but I went shopping the other day and there was a sale on some expensive jeans. A price I would never pay, but they were marked down by 40% so I went in to try some and easily slipped into a 12 so I suppose I have lost a few inches around the waist despite the scales. I have two doctors, one says I should be 145 lbs which is only 5lbs away and the other said 127 lbs which is what I was when I came to Canada 40 years ago when I was 21. I think he is not being realistic plus I read that it is better to have a little extra weight as you age rather than being too skinny. How can two doctors have such different ideas? I don't see myself as 127lbs ever again, but maybe I could try to meet it half way and go for 136 but I have to get over 150lb hump.

One goal that I have obtained is that I have got below the danger waistline of 35 inches, but it is hard work watching everything that goes in the mouth, especially as I am at home a lot of the time with the food just feet away telling me that just a bite won't make much difference. Also I have stepped up my exercise quite a bit so I am away from the computer a lot more and I have been going out of town at least twice a week to get out of the village, which cuts into computer time. Hubby and friend are off all day working and when they are not working they are fishing so it makes for a lot of down time for me so I get out of here.

The bugs are so bad right now that to go out I have a net hat on, plus my pants tucked into socks inside long boots and a T-shirt tucked in my pants with long sleeved shirt over that tucked into garden gloves. In spite of all that l got a bite on my stomach, it must have crawled up inside my T-shirt somehow, probably a horse fly as it took a sizable chunk, also black flies took two large chunks out of my neck, even though I had the net hat on they found a way. My husband has been using OFF but he says even though he is putting it on 3 times a day, when once is usually enough for eight hours, he is getting plagued with them. I was talking to a tree planter yesterday and she said she has never seen them so bad. They don't hurt when they bite, so they must have very sharp teeth it is not till you see the blood running that you realize it and the itch is unbelievable and lasts for days.

There still are some dangerous bears around. My husband and his friend are working at a local resort and they have had a bear pulling over the big metal garbage containers, the sort that are behind food stores, very heavy, the manager has to clear it up all the time and he was telling my husband that he had tried herding a bear away from the property when it stood up and started growling at him in attack mode. Can't blame the bear as he sees it as a source of food even though the village has stepped up garbage collection to the resort, it continues to be a problem.

That is the saga of my life at the moment. Nothing exciting. I am getting ready for the big driving trip to visit my son in Vancouver. I will only be there two nights before I return. I will be going by myself which I am a little worried about as I usually let hubby do all the major driving. The traffic is a bit scary as one gets into Vancouver when all I see here is maybe one or two cars every 10 minutes or so, but it will be good for me to overcome this little fear. It has only grown since we have been married, I used to drive everywhere but in the last ten years I haven't.(10 years tomorrow actually) When I come back from Vancouver I will take a couple of weeks and then do the trip to Calgary which is about the same distance but I will stay a lot longer there. So that is my summer planned.


Brenda said...

Those bugs sound terrible.
Have a great time on your trips.

Cicero Sings said...

I don't do much driving since I married D either ... and would dread driving in Vancouver again. The traffic at the coast is scary. People are all in such a rush.

Our bugs are worse than usual but not like the bugs you are experiencing. I do wear my bug jacket from Lee Valley when I'm out at prime biting times. It is amazing how they can gain entry and give you a nip despite precautions.

Hope you have a great visit with your sons.

I would love to get down to 150. Funny how one can hit a wall and it is so hard to dip under. I've managed 153 but am sitting at 156 at the moment. Doesn't help having company and cooking extra goodies for them!

Safe journies!

Amy said...

Yes, Vancouver traffic is scary. Last time we were there I was so tense, and I wasn't even driving!!

Those bugs are awful - I remember every summer having my neck, just under my hair, covered in itching, bleeding blackfly bites. Blech!

I've gained some weight since injuring my knee. Partly lack of activity and partly eating to entertain myself. I'm looking forward to getting it off! I've have diabetes on both sides of the family, and any extra weight puts more stress on my knees :(

jmb said...

There is usually a range of healthy weight for each height so choosing a value in the middle is quite safe. Frankly I'd be delighted to get down to the upper level of my range. I must get serious about it all again.
Have a safe journey. If you had more time we could meet and have lunch. If there is any likelihood that we could, just email me. Otherwise have a good visit with your son.

Jeni said...

Boy, the weight/diet thing you're working on really has me very envious. I doubt I will ever again see my weight in the 140's range -unless I get really sick -but it's still a pleasant thought if it could happen.
About the insects though - just wondering if you've ever tried using Avon's Skin So Soft as an insect repellent? Years ago when I sold Avon (for 18 years) an old gentleman in this area read about using it as insect repellent and tried it. He was a notorious fisherman who loved to venture up to Canada to fish, where the black flies are reputed to be especially bad and he said this stuff was the only thing that worked to keep them away. Thanks to him and his recommendations to bar patrons (he owned one of the local bars here) who were big-time sportsmen, etc., I really got a lot of orders for that item from almost all of his customers! And yes, I've tried it too and yes, it does work quite well! Might want to give it a shot anyway if you've never tried it before. Can't hurt anything anyway.