Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting fed up with myself

I have not wanted to blog lately I don't know if the enthusiasm is wearing off or not and the paying opportunities seem to have dwindled a bit. It seems a shame to be inside at the computer when it is nice out, not that I go out in the yard but I do hop in the car and drive to the closest town, and to heck with the gas cost. The nearest town or maybe it is still a village it is not that big is about 45 minutes away on summer roads. There is not much there but there is a thrift store, grocery and a book store and a clothing store, so I linger there a while and they have a nice walk along the river bank which I am comfortable with as there are no bears and the flies are minimal. It is a long way to go to get out but I would go crazy otherwise.

I have found myself getting a bit resentful of my husband being gone so much, which is unfair, he is working so we can go on holiday and when he is not working he goes fishing which is why we came up here but I think I have been getting a bit fed up with my own company although I am fine when I find something to do. One can only clean house so much don't you know? I am still trying to think of a hobby but I can't seem to come up with anything that appeals. I really should try and come up with something to pass the winter other than working at the computer all the time. I am told I have to move around more as it burns off the sugar in my body so I have been good so far and avoided sitting at the computer for hours something that I used to do before.


Cicero Sings said...

I've been a bit fed up with blogging lately too ... it has been a bit of a slog over the summer!

I can get tired of my own company too, after a while ... especially when D is working. Then I can call the SIL up for a walk ... or I go by myself. Still, even if we aren't terribly social persons, we still need/require some sociability every now and again. One needs some thoughts, other than ones own, to challenge one a little!

I am very graetful that D and I like to do the same things. In the summer we walk and in the winter we cross country ski .. so we keep moving that way ... important in so many ways for the health!

I have so many projects that I could do ... and never get to ... so I don't lack there ... only laziness hinders me ... or things even more interesting!

Hopefully you will find something to capture your attention/interest and set yu going once again.

Danielle said...

I hope you are beginning to feel a little better...retail therapy always works for me....however, I'm going to start the 'real' thing today with a focus on the panic attacks I have been experiencing lately. I also want to say thank you for your very encouraging comments. You are quite in tune with what 'triggers' my moods and are very encouraging when I write about it. It means a lot. Thank you!!!!!!!!

paullove said...

same with me here.... :( hmm the feelings to blog just gone like that...

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