Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back

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After all the anxiety of taking the trip down to the Lower Mainland I actually enjoyed the drive. It is such a long way that I had been a bit nervous about it. We live about 177 miles or 285 km east of the Alaska Panhandle, and to drive to Vancouver was quite an undertaking for me.

I left here Sunday at 5:15 am and drove to Cache Creek arriving at 2:30 pm. I hadn't stopped except to get gas so I pulled over to get a coffee and decide whether to continue on through the Fraser Canyon to Hope as it was still early. There had been quite a bit of traffic from Williams Lake on and some of the drivers were very aggressive, I guess all trying to get back to Vancouver for that evening. I had developed a bit of a headache and was a little tired and although my goal had been Hope in the first day I though better of it as the trip through the Canyon is very twisting and there are several tunnels and it is no place to be when fatigued. So I found a motel for the night and took myself out for a Greek dinner. Roast Lamb and Greek Salad. Very nice, and took a walk afterwards. It was still very hot, must have been in the 90's.

Next morning I left Cache Creek about 6 am and arrived at my hotel in Coquitlam at 11 am and my room was ready so that was great timing. I had the Fraser Canyon all to myself and it was a lovely run. Later I found out there had been a bad accident in the canyon the evening before and all the traffic had had to be re-routed back to Cache Creek and then over to Merrit in order to get to Vancouver. I was grateful for that headache, it had caused me to stop overnight, and because of it I avoided that accident and the re-routing which would have been a real nuisance.

My son picked me up from the hotel and we collected Daniel, the almost 5 year old, from daycare and went home to meet the new baby, Aiden. I spent the day with them and all next day, and after breakfast on Wednesday I left the lower Mainland at 10 am and headed back up the canyon on the way home.

I had planned to meet with a blogging friend on the way back but I had got my dates wrong and we missed each other. I drove on and over nighted in Quesnel and the next day made it home around 4 pm after stopping in Burns Lake for some groceries.

My little car behaved beautifully and now I have done the first long trip by myself I have overcome that particular fear and I can plan more trips. My next one will be to Calgary in two or three weeks, to see my other two sons. It is about the same distance but going east through the Rockies.

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Jeni said...

Welcome back! Glad you made the trip down and back with ease too. Good training run, huh?

Brenda said...

Glad you had a good, safe trip.

Karen & Mike said...

I headed down about the same time you did! I'm glad you overcame your anxiety and enjoyed the drive. I love roadtrips.