Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I thought I needed it inspite of what he thinks, so there!

I felt I needed a mobile phone to go on these trips to the Lower Mainland and Calgary, so I picked up one today. I have never used one before. It was quite inexpensive only $69.99 with $50 prepaid card.

Hubby can't understand why I feel I need one but I think it is a long way to go by myself and if anything should happen to the car I can call for assistance. He feels that since it is a new car I won't have problems, and probably I won't, but I will feel better knowing I can lock the doors and call for help. When we bought the car we purchased road side assistance too. I insisted, but he pointed out that we probably will not use it because it was only good for three years and a new car should not break down in the first three years. It is the major difference between us, in that he feels he can handle any situation himself, which he probably can, he is a big strong man and can fix almost anything. Whereas I am the complete opposite and would be clueless if I had a flat tire or something and would be a bit leery of accepting help, especially on Highway 16 there have been so many women gone missing on this road.

Anyway I bought one, now I have a problem we don't have any service from the village so I have to find somewhere where I can activate it. I will have to drive back to town tomorrow, there is a greasy spoon place on the highway that has phone service maybe I can activate it from there otherwise I am not sure where I can do it. Maybe I will have to drive all the way to Vancouver and activate it at my son's place, sort of defeats the purpose though.


Cicero Sings said...

We have a cell phone ... which we rarely use! We bought it for road emergencies too ... and for when we are in the lower mainland. I really don't like the things and can't understand why people need to walk/drive around with them glued to their ears!!

silverneurotic said...

It's a good investment because honestly...you never know what can happen-especially while traveling-and it's always good to be prepared to call for help.

Going to the resturant to activate it is probably the best option, it should be a pretty quick process so you won't be out there for hours on end.