Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Taking a break

Been taking a blogging break over the long weekend, Canada Day. Life is slowly getting back to normal. I have been baking a low carb cake. It is is made with almond flour rather than regular flour. It is very rich we will try a little bit for dessert this evening. Since it is so rich a little bit will satisfy.

It has been quite hot here but inside has been okay as I batten down the hatches before the sun gets up. We went down and sat by the big lake and let Annie the dog have a nice long swim. Last evening though we had a major thunder and lightening storm. Poor Annie hates those so she hid inside my car until it was all over. I had to coax her out around 10pm as I did not want her in there all night. It is lovely again today but more storms threatened.

We had the usual influx of tourists into the village for the long weekend which meant another slaughter on our road. Someone hit a moose head on. They had a broken light but the moose was dead in the ditch when I drove by, I hope it did not suffer long. I have never seen such bad drivers as I have up here. They speed, overtake on solid yellow lines and in spite of having miles of open road feel it necessary to tail gate.

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