Friday, July 18, 2008

Vain and impatient womanhood

I cleaned out the car today, sorted out the clothes I am taking, got my snacks planned and did most of the things ready for my big trip on Sunday. I have put numbers in my new mobile phone but I can't use it here as we don't have access but when I get on to the highway it will be fine and that is what I bought it for. There are a few places on the trip that it will not work but on most of the highway one can use a phone, not that I have any intention of driving and using it, it is really only if I get into car problems.

Now I am waiting to go. I hate that don't you, sitting around waiting because it is not yet time to go. I plan to leave about 5:30am Sunday leaving hubby snoring in bed. I won't wake him, just slip out.

I finished my library book but don't want to start the next one until I get to the first night's stop as it will be a long evening alone in the hotel. I colored my hair as can't let the grand kids see an old hag so I will be a slightly younger one instead. Tried out some new makeup I bought. Wanted a new look. How can I still be so vain at 61, I thought by the time I got to this age I wouldn't care, but I think I still fuss just as much as when I was 21.

Dropped over to return a crock pot to a friend in the village and had a cup of tea and chat. She said she had been wanting to talk to me all day as she had something on her mind and was so busy baking for a bake sale that she couldn't take time to come up. So it was good that I called her about dropping off her pot. I don't generally visit people.

She wanted me to pray with her because she is having to go for scans for possible cancerous lumps in her neck. I felt terrible, she thinks I am this really spiritual person and I know I am not. I felt I might let her down until I reminded myself and her that it was not about me but all about Him. I anointed her with oil and prayed and the scan will tell the story. She will know in a few weeks.

It has been cold enough today for me to put the propane on and we are sitting here with sweaters on too. This has been a cold summer and it won't be long before the snow falls again around mid September. My flower boxes are way behind where they were last year. I don't think I am going to get much of a show of flowers at all. There again we are unlikely to have any forest fires.

Two more sleeps till I go!


Cicero Sings said...

I don't get really impatient to get going until the day of travel, or the day of the appointment. Then I'm so nervous that I can't get anything done and want to just get going. D on the other hand, can relax and enjoy until the minute arrives for departure.

When I was younger and highly involved in church, people thought I was "really" spiritual too ... a lot of pressure. Now I have different views on true spirituality! And you're right ... it isn't up to us, who we are, it is all about Him.

The garden sure isn't growing the same this year but I'm enjoying the cooler air and it IS very helpful with the forest fire situation. In the south here, it is still pretty dry!

Have a safe journey ... look forward to meeting you on your way home!

Brenda said...

Have a great trip.

silverneurotic said...

Have a good and safe trip!