Friday, August 08, 2008

BC gets a gold medal for Greed

The BC government has awarded its top civil servants a hefty pay raise of up to 43%.

Currently in BC our medical system needs money poured into it, homeless people and the mentally retarded are without adequate care and housing. There are many people out of work due to the Pine Beetle epidemic and because the mills are closing down. British Columbians are dealing with the new carbon tax, which is on gasoline and heating fuel. We have spiraling housing costs, higher ferry fares and we need to put money into crime prevention in order to take a stand against the gang warfare that is currently plaguing Vancouver.

The average weekly wages in B.C. rose 3 per cent between 2006 and 2007 but the cost of living is skyrocketing. Our minimum wage still sits at $8 per hour. We have the lowest minimum wage in the country. It's been frozen for seven years and they refuse to raise it.

One only has to shop for food to see that everything has gone up due to the price of gas, and heating fuel is getting very costly and that is not a luxury in Canada.

Will it take some pensioner to starve and freeze to death before these politicians come to their senses? What about single parents barely making ends meet. It takes both parents working to meet the costs of raising a family but there is not adequate child care

They claim that BC needs to stay on par with what other provinces are paying their civil servants. Well I say let them go to another province if they want, but our civil servants should not be paid more than the people can bear.

Our politicians need to come down to where the people live and get out of their ivory towers. They can keep piling taxes on the people's backs because with the money that they make now and the money they are going to receive, what is a little tax, they will hardly notice it.

How dare they! I feel so angry about this, but so helpless too.


Mousie/Paisible said...

terrible, how politicians live in their ivory tower all around the world !!! same in France...
I keep you in my thoughts dear, though i don't often visit...
love from Mousie

jmb said...

I doubt that the civil servants in the maritime provinces are getting these kind of salaries. I despise the argument that we have to pay whatever XXXXX (fill in the blanks) pays.