Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goodbye Annie

We took Annie to a new home today. We have been having quite a bit of trouble with her escaping. Although we have a fencannieed yard she has got out several times and we were at our wits end on how to keep her in. We resorted to having to tie her but life on the end of a rope for the remainder of her years was not a great idea and it also made her more aggressive. So we heard of an Alpaca ranch that was looking for Maremma dogs and they were happy to take her. Her breed is really a working guard dog not a pet and although we rescued her it has been an uneasy if loving relationship.

There will be at least two other Maremmas working with her and probably teaching her the ropes but the freedom of acres of land and fulfilling her calling as a guard dog, protecting her charges from wolves, bears and other predators will make her life more rewarding we hope.

Hubby will be a bit down in the dumps for a while as he loved her but he had come to the end of his patience, especially as the village is charging $75 if they pick her up. I have laid down the law though, no more dogs. It simply does not fit with our planned winter vacation to Mexico and maybe future snowbirding.


silverneurotic said...

I'm really sorry to hear that you gave Annie away. Perhaps I'm sensitive on the subject being that I left my dogs behind with my family when I moved...but it was sad to hear. Hopefully she'll be happy in her new home.

Jeni said...

Aw, that's too bad that things came to that kind of solution -although I do fully understand your predicament there too. I'd be like your husband there -in mourning -too! But as you said, having a dog wouldn't fit with your travels, come winter -and gee, the $75 fees if the township picks the dog up could mount up very quickly. Quite possibly, she will be much more content at this place too though. Let's hope it all works out for the best anyway.

ChrisJ said...

So sorry you had to give Annie away. I feel for your husband. But with a traveling life style, we had to settle for a cat -- a beautiful loving and gentle male Snowshoe. But he has an independent streak, so leaving him when we go away twice a year is not too bad, and my pet sitter is the best. She loves him.

Anna said...

It does sound like it will be the best thing for all of you. Still, I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye.

Cicero Sings said...

I would like to have a dog but because we travel to the coast so much (re Mither) we do not deem it wise to have one at this time! ... it just wouldn't be fair to the dog.

So hard as it is, I'm sure this will be the best thing for Annie. She needs to work ... some dogs especially need a job and she sounds like one of them.