Saturday, August 23, 2008

Got another gadget

My eldest son has been after me for some time to get a webcam so I can keep up with his two boys so I bought one on the way home. I hate how I look, it is a reminder that I am get older. I have it connected to my desktop computer but I have yet to figure out the sound which is very poor but I have been able to connect and see him on camera. My middle son bought a laptop while I was in Calgary and his has a webcam in it and since my youngest son lives with him we are now all able to communicate visually. So even though we can see each other we still are typing as we haven't figured out yet how to hear each other. It works with Windows Messenger although it is meant to work with Yahoo and Aim. I am not sure I like it that much and of course the wire is not quite long enough so I will have to see if I can get an extension.

My husband has taken to my new laptop and he is not usually interested in computers. He is doing his Bible reading on it right now using the battery so he doesn't have wires everywhere. I want to find him some games, he likes card games he can play against the computer, since I am terrible at card games. Also I will probably get round to getting a wireless router which will pick up my satellite signal and we can have both computers connected to the Internet. It is amazing that the laptop has more than my desktop computer and at a quarter of the price and that is since 18 months ago. It has a gigabyte of RAM and my desktop only has 512mb. It has Windows Vista on it that I think is really over rated. On the surface it is much like XP so what all the hype was about I don't know.

So now my travels are over and I have to think about Fall and making jam, canning fruit and all that stuff. I can't say my heart is in it, at least not yet.


Cicero Sings said...

I have a web cam and sound wired right into my desktop and D on his new lap top so we communicate over the computer every night when he is away working. It does take a while to get used to seeing yourself while you talk ... and there is a bit of delay too. One is paying for the connection anyway so I count it a free phone call!

Jeni said...

Boy, you're really going at this stuff great guns now aren't you? First the lap top, now the webcam. What's next on the agenda?
Glad you're back and sounds like you had a really nice trip and visit too.