Wednesday, August 27, 2008

History of a suitcase

When we go to Mexico we need to travel fairly light because we are going in our little yellow Aveo. The only luggage I currently own is a great big red suitcase that was my father's in which I lugged some keep sakes back from England after he passed away in 2003. Mostly they were old cookbooks of his and my stepmother's in which they had written quite a few notes, and some hand embroidered linens that had been in the family for years. Not many photographs as we were just not a snap taking family.

He had had that suitcase for years having bought it in a luggage store in Baghdad in the early 1950's so it was a bit of a keepsake in itself. I remember seeing that suitcase being packed each time he returned to his job in Iraq after a visit home, while I was packing mine to return to boarding school, so there was some emotion attached to it as well. He remarried several years after my mother's death and I remember clearly that suitcase being put into the back of the car he had rented for himself and his new wife, Katy, to go on honeymoon. It was also the same suitcase that had all they could grab thrown into it when they fled  after the assassination of King Fisel of Iraq, when there was a very real threat that non-nationals would be slaughtered also.

Now it is stored in the back bedroom closet, I don't think we will  use it again as it is a really monstrous thing with little wheels attached to the bottom so It is probably time to get some designer luggage for our trip to Mexico, something that will be easy to carry in and out of hotels each evening as we intend to drive down taking about a week and on the return about two or three weeks, checking out Arizona, New Mexico and Texas perhaps to buy a mobile or something so we can be snow birds and get away from the winter each year. It is a dream anyway.


Jeni said...

I dunno Vic -you might be better off going with your Dad's luggage piece -large or not. If it's large enough, make due with one piece of luggage then. Fat chance I'd have of ever packing light though as I can never decide what I might want to wear. The thing that helps me now is that I don't have near as many clothing items I can actually wear so that eliminates some issues for me in that department.

Cicero Sings said...

Ahhhh ... the search for the perfect suitcase has begun! My husband periodically looks over the luggage department ... still in his search for the bag that has it all!

One thing about Mexico ... you can pack light. We are pretty good at packing light. I watch the hew-mungous things others haul around and marvel. On our 1 month trip on the train we used one small bag each ... one that would qualify for carry-on, on a plane.