Sunday, August 03, 2008

I must be a jinx

fishing Today was such a beautiful day and for once hubby was not working and offered to take me out on the big boat on the big lake.(When I say big boat it is relative to our little zodiac boat, it is not that big).

I packed a small picnic and Annie the dog and I hopped into the truck with him and off we went. We got the boat into the water without a hitch and Annie the dog jumped in the boat and got settled right away. This was her first time in the boat and we wondered how she would be. She turned out to be a good sailor and seemed to enjoy herself.

However the comedy of errors was about to begin. We got out a ways from the dock and hubby went to move the fuel line from the small engine to the larger one in order to go up the lake and we heard a plop and realized the little gadget that attaches to the motor had fallen into the water. So now we are out in the lake with no fuel, fortunately we have paddles, which we deployed to get ourselves back to the dock. We remembered we had one of these fuel line gadgets on the motor on the small boat so we tie up the boat and hop back into the truck, come home and get the plug thingy which hubby has to cut off his fuel line since it wouldn't come off readily. Now we go back fit the new fuel gadget on the line and off we go.

We get out a bit and at this point you transfer the fuel lines, which this time went alright, and pull up the small motor out of the water in orderanniesailor to get better speed with the bigger motor, it helps cut the drag to get the small motor out of the water, but it wouldn't move. I thought he was going to fall out of the boat trying to pull it up. He couldn't so we went up lake a bit slower that is all.

While we are sorting out the fishing things we realize he has left his net in the other boat because he took that boat out yesterday to a small lake at the back of the property. Not the end of the world unless we catch something sizable, like a 40lb char or a salmon which are now in the lake. He sets up the downrigger and we trawl for a while but then he decides that his line may have hit bottom so pulls it up to check and he also checks the downrigger and another plop, louder this time, as the 10lb downrigger ball falls into the lake to disappear for ever.

We did not catch any fish, but the lake was like glass and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, in fact it was hot and I was glad we could pull the canopy over for some shade.

I told him I must be the jinx as usually his fishing trips go pretty well. I don't think I will bother with another fishing trip this year.


Jeni said...

To my mind, the issues you experienced on the boat just gives proof positive that old Murphy and his stinking law do in fact, exist! Very much so!

Cicero Sings said...

You are no jinx! There must have been a higher and better reason for those things to happen ... one you can not see! You got to spend a day with your honey and that counts for something.

Danielle said...

Did I just read over at my place that your life is boring????????????? This sounds like one of our fishing trips ;)

The Insane Writer said...

Hmmm maybe it just wasn't your day to be out and about on the lake. It sounded so beautiful though!