Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I went out for groceries and came back with a laptop

I have been dithering for some time about getting a laptop for trips and had just about convinced myself I could get along without one and would just keep a handwritten journal of our trip next winter as we drive through the States to Mexico. However when I went into town today they had a laptop on special for Back to School for only $399.0. It has 15.4" screen Windows Vista, lots of memory and hard drive space etc etc.

I played with it a little this evening and found it loads pictures from the camera so easily. I can plug it into the car and use it there if I want. It is as loaded and has as much as this desktop computer I bought last year except this has a 17" screen and was way more expensive. So I will be playing with it on my way to Calgary and while there. I want to download some stuff and I haven't had a chance to do it here as well as I am not sure about messing around with my satellite setup.

I leave for Calgary early Thursday morning and drive for 7 1/2 hours to McBride which is just west of the Rockies and I have booked a hotel and then next day will go through the Rockies on to Edmonton and down to Calgary. That will take me 10 hours with no stops, so it is a long trip. I will be staying with my two younger sons who share an apartment and I haven't decided how long I will stay. When I return we will be getting ready for winter as we can expect the first snow anytime, however it won't stick until later on but the days will be cool and hopefully sunny and no bugs, what a relief but the bears will be on the prowl because they are super hungry at this time of year getting ready for the big sleep. Winter has its bonuses since there are no bugs and no bears.

Next time I write I will be using my new laptop probably from the hotel in McBride.

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Cicero Sings said...

Oh fun, laptops are really handy to have. D has one we use when on the road. He also uses it for his work.

I hope you have a good and safe trip. Such a long journey but it will be grand to see your boys! Have fun.

Anna said...

That sounds like a great deal on a laptop. It's nice not to be tied to a desk and to be able to take the computer with you when you go somewhere.

I hope your trip is great.

Marooned said...

I enjoy reading your blog and would like to invite you for a coffee when you are in the Calgary area . .My home is south of the city and it would be easy to meet and have a conversation . . hope to hear from you.

Marooned said...

(forgot to check the follow up comments box) Safe travels, I looked up where McBride is . .

silverneurotic said...

Oh, have fun on your trip and with your new toy!