Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trip to Calgary saga

I finally fell asleep in the motel in McBride BC around 11:30 pm thinking that I would get up about 6 to get on the road again but in fact my eyes snapped open at 3:36 am and nothing would convince them that another couple of hours of sleep would be be a good idea as I had a 10 hour drive coming up. So I gave up and got up and slowly got myself together as I wanted the sun to be up before starting out. It was a lovely morning in the Rockies and if I had not had such a long trip ahead of me I would have stopped to take pictures of the sun coming up over the mountains.

Once I was in Alberta and away from the mountains the highway really opened up and you could see ahead a very long way, plus the legal speed limit is faster although I was clipping along a little faster than that. One thing I found different from BC is the lack or rest stops, they had lots of pull out places but no bathroom facilities and since they were so good at keeping the road sides clear of brush there wasn't a decent bush to be found. I finally found a very nicely kept rest area with facilities but by that time I was getting pretty desperate. I guess Albertan's just have bigger bladders than those of us from British Columbia.

As I came into the Edmonton area I saw lots of big green signs pointing to this place or that but I had my eyes glued for signs to Calgary and would have missed it as it was on a tiny black and white sign pointing south to Red Deer which is along the way. I drove off the highway and up the ramp and was immediately swallowed up into a bottle neck which was like that for at least an hour as we inched our way around Edmonton. The highway to Calgary was good and fast but very busy. I pulled off at Red Deer for the usual bathroom break and I took time to freshen up as I was starting to feel tired plus a cup of coffee helped break the fatigue a bit. I drove into Calgary about 4:30pm right in the middle of the going home rush. There had been an accident on the highway ahead of me and we all had to go into one lane but I must have arrived when it was just about cleaned up so it did not take that long.

All along I had been worrying about finding a parking spot near where my sons' apartment is especially in the late afternoon and because I have never learned the art of backing into a parking place I need a long run into one. It has never been a problem in my near 40 years of driving but I knew it could be on the streets outside their building, but miracle of miracles as I drove up to their place there was a long swath of sidewalk without any cars parked there and I was able to slide right in and outside their front entrance. God's little graces.

I stayed up chatting until 11:30 as being with my sons gave me a boost and I got up this morning while they were still sleeping at 6:30 as strains of Cher singing her heart out came in the window from apartment next door. I think I need earplugs it only takes an ant to pass wind two blocks away to wake me up and I am seriously thinking of trying sleeping pills once in a while as I get these spats of insomnia that will last for a couple of weeks and then they go for a few months. I have no idea why.

So I don't know what we will do today, probably just hang out together. Talk to you later,


Brenda said...

Glad your trip is going well.
I also have trouble sleeping due to some health issues. I just started taking a natural product called "DALAY", not sure if it is available in Canada or not. It is comprised of Valeriana, Melissa and Passiflora. Perhaps if you asked at a health food store/vitamin place, they would have a combination like it. It seems to work well, it is the first time in years that I haven't woken up every 2 hrs. all night long and I actually feel human again.

Cicero Sings said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. What an early bird you are. I find 10 hours in a car just too much! I think it was all the time I had to spend in a car as a kid. Car rides aren't my thing!! Happy visiting....

silverneurotic said...

I'm glad the drive went okay. Enjoy the time with your sons.

BTW, I can't remember how to parallel park either. I learned enough to pass my drivers test and since I never really had to do it where I lived, I promptly forgot. Unless you live in a fairly big city it's not a skill that's much needed anymore.