Monday, September 29, 2008

Been planning Christmas

I have been on Messenger with two of my sons this evening and we have decided to get together for this Christmas. It has been many years since we have done that. Steve will fly out from Vancouver to Calgary on Boxing Day, and we will drive over bringing the turkey and trimmings and cook it for Boxing day. We will probably be away for 5 or 6 days with the travelling. Everyone is looking forward to it, we will have to stay in a motel but Steve will bunk with his brothers. His wife and kids will be staying in Vancouver with her family, but they will have had Christmas day together.

So that will be a nice break in the middle of winter and then we are off to Mexico in February. Oh joy.


Jeni said...

Although there have been a couple of times when all three of my kids and I weren't together for Christmas -like when my son was stationed in Germany for two years and the one year, back in the mid-80's when all three of my kids spent the holiday with their Dad and the stepmother -but now, and yes, it is difficult at times to find a time when we can all be together at Christmas, things just wouldn't be right if we couldn't organize our being together.
The year that the kids spent the holiday with their Dad was probably the worst Christmas I've ever had since 1963, the first Christmas after my Grandmother died and it was just my Mom and I -none of her brothers or sisters, none of my cousins here with us. Now, with the grandchildren being in my life, things are much more like they were in the Christmases of old, when I was growing up, that are so deeply embedded in my memory.

silverneurotic said...

I hope you guys have a good holiday then. It sounds like a great idea, especially as you'll be leaving for Mexico not all that long after.

Tammy said...

That's wonderful that you will be able to spend Christmas with your kids.