Monday, September 01, 2008

I still haven't made up my mind

I have been dithering about useing a webhosting service for my blog for a least a year now. I  initially moved from Blogger when my blog got messed up, either from something I did or something on Blogger's end. I moved to which I liked and decided to get a domain name at that time, because if I moved again, hopefully I would not loose my Google Page Rank and my regular readers could still find me. After a while I decided to earn a little money with my blog as I had reached a Google page rank 4 and could write small pieces for about $10 a shot, but then found I could not do it with
At this point I started debating whether I should take the leap and use a hosting service especially as the company with whom I had purchased my domain name kept sending me encouragements to use theirs but I felt intimidated by the business of looking after my own blog. What I felt was lacking was some basic instruction in the whole business. So many of the web hosting services assume that one has a certain amount of knowledge about what is expected. There were terms I was not familiar with and tasks that I had no idea how to perform and although I have been around computers for about thirty years I decided not to risk it.
So I returned to Blogger which permits paid posts, and fortunately my domain name followed me but not without some trauma as the level of instruction to make necessary changes was not good and I had to contact the helps department several times. Even now the page rank from Google is all over the place. My Blogger blogspot blog which points to my domain name has a page rank of 2 but the blog that comes up under my domain name has a page rank of 4. Can't they get it together and maybe it would be a 6. I have no idea and I don' t know how to fix that, if it is possible. Since I have used the same name for all of my blogs Cariboo Ponderer I thought I was making it simple.
So I will renew my domain name for sure but I am still unsure about using a web hosting service, I have to read up on it some more, although it does give one a lot of freedom, but I am happy with Blogger for now, I probably will get a bit restless to do something new when winter sets in for sure.

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Jeni said...

And, once you get this all figured out, then you get to try to explain all this to me! Probably not as you know already how bloody thickheaded I am about this kind of stuff. But good luck in figuring it all out.