Monday, September 01, 2008

Jammin' Skype

I downloaded Skype last night as I had all sorts of problems with Windows Messenger and my new webcam. It took a little while to download but once set up it worked like a charm. Definitely a better tool. The boys and I can conference call now plus I can see the grandkids and talk to them and that is what I got it for after all. I am sure I have not plumbed the depths of its uses as yet but I hope this will help keep my family a bit closer and all for free how can you beat that.

I made a batch of raspberry jam this morning and will probably go and work in the garden a little as it is sunny right now. I hacked down one part yesterday as it was done for the year and tidied it up. We had 2C or 34F last night so it won't be long before everything is dead. Fall seems to be coming early this year. Mostly I think we jumped from Spring to Fall with a quick look in at Summer.

I couldn't resist the little play on words in the title. I had heard the word jammin' but I thought it was something to do with music but that is to have a jam session and the verb for that would be jammin', but the web definition for the word jammin' means Excellent or First Rate.

So have a jammin' day all.


Amy said...

Ah yes, Skype is really great! It got cold here last night and I covered the tomatoes with a tarp just in case. Fall is early this year, that's for sure. Last year at this time we had a week of weather in the 30C range.

Jeni said...

You know, in addition to the jewelry, you could put up the jam in small, decorative jars and sell them at the craft fairs too. For sure, I'd be lining up for raspberry jam!

jmb said...

We have been using Skype and a webcam (now on our third) for over five years now. We got it when my granddaughter was born and it has been great.
However for my daughter and I, we prefer to talk on the phone since you are not tied to the computer and can do chores while talking to each other on the phone.

Supposedly Sitespeed is even better. I downloaded but never got the others to set it up at their end. They also use Skype for my SIL's parents in Italy so it was a bit complicated. One day.