Monday, September 01, 2008

Making more bling

This is what I have been up to recently. It is fun but I am getting quite the jewelry wardrobe but have nowhere to wear them. I am thinking of getting enough done to put in the village Christmas sale. I thought $10 for a necklace and $5 for the earrings, that should cover my costs plus a little extra so I can buy more stuff. My time is free. If I sell any there I might be brave enough to go to the nearest town and rent a craft table in the mall. What do you think? It is a relatively inexpensive hobby, at least at this stage, but I am afraid I am going to have a lot of stuff and will end up having to throw them away, guess I can always donate them to Goodwill. How's that for confidence and entrepreneurial spirit?

What is Bling? An expression popularized by the hip-hop culture, used to describe sparkly jewelry, accessories and/or gemstones.

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1 comment:

Jeni said...

I really do like the jewelry you have made and shown here. Makes me wish, again and again, that I hadn't developed a huge allergy to metals -can't even stand the clasp on any necklaces and earrings have been a thing of the past for me now for close to 20 years. Itch, itch, itch! But if I were able to wear the stuff, I'be be more that willing to purchase your works.