Thursday, September 04, 2008

Second look at Google Chrome

I took a longer look today at Google Chrome and although I will stick with Firefox 3 for most of my browsing as I have it set up the way I want and there are extensions in Firefox that I use, there are some definite benefits to using Google Chrome as an alternate browser. For example there  a few sites that I have reason to check fairly often and with Chrome I can put a link to that site directly on my desktop so I can bypass loading up a browser and then clicking to where I want to go. It is faster. Also I find that watching You Tube videos are quite a bit faster and with smooth delivery, whereas Firefox and Internet Explorer videos stop and start a lot, that may be partly due to my satellite connection. I want to find a site where I can watch movies and try that out, something I have given up on trying with Firefox and IE. No doubt as I play with it some more I will find other benefits.

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