Monday, September 08, 2008

Whiz kid and I have so much going on right now

I have been quite busy with stuff this last week and still have lots to do. I made peach jam and also preserved about 20lb of peaches and have apples and plums waiting. I harvested our broad beans and packed them away along the the last of the raspberry crop. I have filleted and packaged about 14 salmon and still have more to do but I am taking a break.

On top of that I have been making earrings and I have sold four pairs already, and have an order for another pair, plus I am going to get a table for the village Christmas bazaar so I have to make stuff for that.

Hubby has been so encouraging and guess what, he comes with a full complement of information on how to bead. His older sister used to do it when he was a kid and he would help her by making bead flowers for her, and do some bead weaving and so on. This is one of the most masculine men I have ever met but he can crochet, knit, embroider, cook and is currently using the sewing machine to make a canopy for his boat plus he sews a very fine seam, whereas I glue or staple. I have a pair of jeans that need hemming hanging over the bedroom chair, maybe if I leave them there long enough he will hem them for me, do you think? I think his parents were very farsighted in not stopping some of these activities because they are considered to be feminine pursuits. He is also a whiz at woodwork, can fix just about anything, plus he is a very good artist, doing detailed pen and ink drawings which he hopes to find time to do in Mexico, the only thing he can't do is spell he is absolutely awful at that, comical actually, so at least I have something he needs me for.

So the whiz kid and friend have gone fishing again, this time for trout, I told him just to do catch and release as we really have a lot of fish and they are leaving for Prince Rupert on Saturday for four days to hopefully catch halibut and some sole and cod.

I have been standing over the kitchen counter so much this last week that I am wearing my back belt to help prevent back ache and it really does seem to do the trick. I get the most escruchiating pain in my back if I stand for any length of time, I am okay if I can move about.

Well I better get back at it, I have quite a bit left to do today and we have friends arriving who have a place in the village, they come up periodically although they live in Vancouver, so I want to run a vacuum around dust a bit, they probably won't notice but I will feel better about having them over.


Cicero Sings said...

Mmmm, homemade canned salmon ... the best! (or maybe you froze it ... still, frozen fresh ... sounds awfully good). You are way ahead of me in the canning department this year. All I've made is a couple of jars of pickles!

My husband is really quite talented too ... not sure what he needs me for ... to do the talking????

I've two pairs of pants needing hemming ... and I sew!!!!

Have a good time with your company.

Ta, ta ...

silverneurotic said...

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to do ANY of those things.

Jeni said...

You just stole the last shred of energy I had left -was going to finish one end of the table runner I am working on before going to bed tonight. But now, I may have to turn in a bit earlier than I'd planned.