Thursday, October 09, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Now I am a full fledged Canadian citizen I want to take responsibility and vote. However I find myself swayed back and forth because all the parties have something to offer but the leaders have something to be desired. I have to make up my mind pretty soon as we have to vote on Tuesday morning on our way to Prince George to take hubby to the airport for his flight to London Ontario to see his older sister. He will be gone two weeks.

So back to the election. I have listened to everything that the parties have to say and followed the polls and I  am still undecided. I had a call yesterday asking if the Conservative Party could count on my vote. I told them I was undecided. It was easier when I was not allowed to vote because I was not a citizen. I could just gripe about the government now I will have my little part in the mayhem they will no doubt make.

Either way I think it will be another minority government because the two main parties Conservatives and Liberals appear to be neck and neck so regardless we will have the same scenario as before whoever comes into leadership. Constant heckling and fights in parliament instead of getting on with governing. I watched some of the parliamentary debates a while ago and was shocked to see the behaviour.  A very poor message to go out to the younger generation that it was okay for their leaders to act in such an unseemly fashion, sniping and name calling and shouting over each other. So why should we expect the young people growing up to act better but we do, don't we?


kiwimeg said...

We have elections looming down here in NZ too - and I am finding a similar problem.

Both the main parties have pretty much the same thing to offer and seem to be taking great delight in pointing out the other party's flaws instead of highlighting their own party's good points.

And the minor parties - well they are sufficiently minor that voting for them seems much like a throw away vote.

It doesn't really seem like democracy at all!!

Jeni said...

And who DOESN'T know about the coming election in the US? I know who I will vote for but I'm still not all that crazy about the candidate and his running mate. But I like their platform a lot more than I do the competition -the one with the beauty queen partner ya know. However, it does seem that no matter what issues are tossed about prior to the elections, very little ever gets changed, especially not for the middle and lower class in the States anyway. Big business, big money -big voting power ya know!

Tammy said...

I honestly have no idea who to vote for yet.