Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do clothes maketh the woman?

Palin clothes
I would have thought that character and ability to do the job were more important attributes in choosing a Vice President rather than the clothes they wear. $4716 spent in September for hair and makeup alone. Clean simple clothes with honesty before the people would be more becoming I think. What about you?

Do the men get the same wardrobe perks? Sexist if they don't, don't you think?
On a recent poll most Canadians claim they would vote for Obama if they were Americans. I must say I am in agreement.

I have nothing against Caribou Barbie herself except I would not want you to think we were related, me bein' Cariboo Ponderer an all.

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Danielle Says Hello said...

Caribou Barbie??? I have not heard that one ;)...anyway, I have read about many political candidates (men) that spend the same amount in hair and clothes while on the campaign trail.

Thanks for your wonderfully honest comment on your love quote.

Liz said...

I wouldn't dream of even mentioning you in the same breath as that woman, Vic Grace!