Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Election in village and hubby home tomorrow

I went to a village meeting tonight to listen to the candidates for mayor and councilors. Lots of enthusiasm and opinions but no experience, however not a bad showing for a village of 300 souls.

I have to drive to  Prince George tomorrow to pick up hubby who is returning from London Ontario. Since he has to jog all over the country it is taking 12 hours with layovers. So I think we will stay overnight in Prince George and come back on Friday since it will be four hours each way and hubby probably will be tired of sitting, and it will be an excuse to go out to eat somewhere nice.

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Jeni said...

Have a safe trip to and from picking up your husband and enjoy the chance to "wine and dine" in a new spot too!
By the way, I loved your post on "Caribou Barbie" and the wardrobe monies she received! For a conservative group -as the Republicans tout themselves to be -that wardrobe upgrade and other goodies she received, was really outrageous!

Tammy said...

Happy Halloween! I'm glad your hubby's home.

Amy said...

Hi Vic - we used to live in Prince George, for two years, but we missed "home" terribly so we came back :) My husband and son are just coming home from Ontario, and they weren't far from London (Tillsonburg).