Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am going to have nightmares

Because of hubby being away for two weeks I am watching a lot of TV, mainly for some company, unfortunately because Halloween is not far away all that is on are horror shows. I watched Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in a vampire movie. Now I will be looking over my shoulder for the rest of the night. LOL

I may venture out tomorrow but a light snow is threatened and that will make the road to the highway very slick. It is better when we have enough for the tires to get a grip but the light stuff just thaws and freezes. I wish I had nagged hubby to put the ice tires on my car before he left but he was so sure there would be no problem on the road. It probably will be okay by afternoon but I will have to get on the road by 9am if I want to get to church by 10:30 am and since the road was so slick when I went to town on Friday I probably will talk myself out of going.

I have made three necklaces so far, two bracelets and some earrings so my time is not a dead loss. I eat a bit differently also when on my own. I tend to eat vegetarian when alone whereas when my husband is home we eat  more meat, so I suppose that won't do me any harm. At this rate I will probably get round to cleaning out the closets and hemming the jeans that have been waiting since August just for something to do.

No sign of the bear who was here a couple of nights ago, but I have the place locked up tight and my bear banger is handy. A bear banger sounds like  gun when fired but won't kill anything, the idea is to scare a bear away, I hope I don't have to use it and if I do the bear will be scared because I will be.


Jeni said...

Sounds to me like you are really taking advantage of having this time "to yourself" while your husband is away. I'd do the same thing too if I were you!

silverneurotic said...

I don't know what is worse, all the scary movies on tv....or the news!

jmb said...

I actually enjoyed my recent two weeks alone when my husband went to see his siblings in Australia.
But don't be watching those horror things, that would be the end of me.

Tammy said...

I can't watch horror movies when my hubby works nights...I have nightmares.