Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just doing some updates

I had to do some changes with my domain provider to try and stop the blogger address showing, I think I have solved that and at the same time I thought I would submit this blog with the corrected address to Google. I had omitted to put the www part in and although everything was okay, I think, there was some confusion especially at the paid post sites about whether it was or so hopefully I have now solved that and we are officially at the correct domain address which is

I found some helpful information from my pal Bong at about getting Google to reconsider your ranking and while I was at it I submitted this new URL the one with the www in front of it and created a site map. I didn't think one could submit a site map for a blog but actually it is quite easy, just use your feed address. Apparantly this helps Google find your posts when people are searching.

So now I have to see if I get this post in my reader or not as I have not told it about the www yet. So then I will know if you folks may or may not be getting this feed. It can get complicated can't it. It also appears that some of the feeds from folk that I was reading have disappeared from my reader so I will have to go and find them again. Sorry if I haven't been visiting for a while, although I have been really busy this Fall. Looks like this is going to be our last nice day for a while so I probably will get into the swing of blogging and visiting again soon.


Anna said...

I ought to try the site map thing. Where did you go to create that? Just google?

Tammy said...

You can take the blogger address bar off your blog by deleting it from your HTML template. I did it to both of my blogs.

Danielle Says Hello said...

My server goes down quite a bit, therefore it really messes with my feed from feedburner which generally will show no feed. Ah well.