Friday, October 17, 2008

Need to organize your life

One of the sites I like to check out is Open Jason, today he lists 130 sites that can help you get organized. Lots of computer Web 2 goodies.

Open Jason - Get Organized Web 2 Style

My personal organization tool is Remember the Milk which I have on my iGoogle page, along with a day timer that I keep on the computer desk where I scribble all sorts of things I need to remember. I do try and keep from little pieces of paper all over the place. I also keep a copy of needed info in Google Docs so I can access that from any computer. My passwords for example, and before you exclaim with shock that I would do this, I leave myself a message like "welshword hubby's forces demob date" and that is enough of a prompt for me to remember what the password was. I haven't found anything I like better than this, although I am sure there must be something. While mentioning Google Docs I have a Firefox extension that I love called GDocs Sidebar which allows me quick access to documents that I store online. I don't bother to store much on my computer as I may need it on the other one. So both computer hard drives are relatively clean although I do have a few notes on my laptop that I might need if I can't access the Internet on our trip to Mexico and I used Picasa 3 to store photos and upload to the Internet. I clean up anything I don't want as I go rather than tie up a lot of space. I am a bit compulsive about keeping my hard drive clean.

Also since I am now running my desktop computer and my laptop I am careful to use Google Bookmarks which I can access from both computers, or any other computer, rather than just bookmark a page in Favourites. I like Google Notebook which helps with bookmarks also as you can tag them and type a note to attach to the Bookmark and that too can be accessed from any computer.

How about you, do you have a  method that works well for you?


Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh I absolutely love the 'new you' photo!!!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I am making some new 'blogging rules' so that it doesn't consume so much of my time. I cleared out my Google Reader, I'm only going to post maybe three days a week (the journal memes)and I am only going to blogs that leave comments on mine - isn't that so stuck up of me??? Oh well....I'm glad you stopped by to say hello!!! My recipe challenge to myself has really been working out great and keeping me motivated to try one new dish a week.

latt├ęgirl said...

Remember the milk! LOL. I felt so stupid last night, someone gave me a plastic bag of 2 litres of milk from a recent visitor and I lugged the thing in my purse, stuck it in the fridge at a meeting, then forgot it and had to buy 2 more litres on the way home!

The only way I can really remember things properly is by writing them down on real paper with a real pen and sticking it in a near pocket.

If I put my to-do list on the computer I'd never get anything done.

silverneurotic said...

Firefox has a great extension where you can put your bookmarks on both computers in the network. I used to use that when I was running both my laptop and my desktop-it was very easy to set up and it worked great. Came in handy when my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall everything.

Liz said...

Now we've changed the computer I don't have Outlook - at least not working properly - so I am looking for a new calendar/memo board to use. I might look at Remember the milk.

I've always kept my paswords written on a sheet of paper next to the computer! Husband told me off when he was moving computers around and I have now hidden them.

sallreen said...

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