Thursday, October 02, 2008

Watched both Canadian and US debates

I switched back and fore and caught the gist of both debates. The US debate certainly was more polite and seemly than the Canadian one which was more like a school yard brawl in my opinion, however maybe the personalities were more exposed because of the rudeness displayed.
This is my first time to vote in a Canadian election since we became citizens this year. I know one is meant to vote for the party at least in Canada, although in the States it seems it is a more personality driven election. How can you get around the personalities though? The NDP Jack Layton was very aggressive and rude, constantly interrupting other speakers, although he seemed passionate about what he believed in. Stephan Dion did seem to be respectful in that he waited for someone to finish speaking before starting himself. Stephen Harper seemed laid back and rather amused, the half smile on his face rather plastered as invective was thrown his way. I felt the Green party's Elizabeth May did very well and was very articulate although she too interrupted and carried on speaking after her time was up and the Bloc representative was as free with his accusations as everyone else.
I don't think that the Canadian debate helped me decide which party to vote for at all. Each party has good and bad ideas as far as I am concerned so it may come down to deciding which of the parties represented bothered me the least. I can't say any one of them inspires my confidence particularly,
I would be just as undecided in the American election. I thought, despite predictions to the contrary, Sarah Palin handled herself quite well. She was articulate and answered questions clearly and managed to avoid questions she did not want to answer or did not know how to answer with skill although she did not fool Joe Bidin who would often grin when she would diverse from the point.
Both the Democrats and the Republicans have good and bad points. I don't care for McCain, I think it is not a good idea to have a man as old as he is leading the US, let's face it he could drop dead anytime. He does not look a fit man to me, although he may have the experience he may not have the time and I really don't think Palin is ready to take on the Presidency in these troubled times. Obama has the time and personality although lacking experience but he is backed by Bidin a man who does have thirty years experience and could fill Obama's shoes if he had to.
I wish we could amalgamate some of the opposing sides and get something all of us want.


Carver said...

I'm watching all the U.S. debates even though I know who I'm going to vote for. I wish there were more choices sometimes but doubt there will ever be a candidate in the U.S. that I'm 100 percent behind who makes it to the general election.

jmb said...

I watched the US debate I'm afraid and all the analysis after.
While Palin did handle herself better than I too expected she avoided almost every question and answered with her carefully prepared rhetoric. I found her criticism of the government and her constant harping about the crooks and corruption on Wall street to be rather ridiculous. It reminded me of the rhetoric I had to endure as a union member when some railed on and on about the management being evil as if it was a thing and not a collection of people all trying to do the best they can.

Yes, besides being part of the Republican machinery which needs to be changed McCain is too old and Palin is too ignorant and inexperienced to be president which could be a possibility.

I have some reservations about Obama but he is very intelligent and should be able to gather good people around him, so that is the way I would vote if I were American.

Have a good weekend Vic Grace.

Karen said...

Don't get me started on Sarah Palin! The thought of her potentially in possession of the US's "Nucular (sic) Codes" is terrifying.